Midwife-developed care package shortlisted for award

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A care package for early labour, which centres on midwives giving plenty of one-to-one time to women who are in the latent phase, has been shortlisted for an award.

The package, called “Getting it right at the very beginning”, has been shortlisted for the “Research into Practice” category of the 2010 Royal College of Midwife Awards.

... “Not only have we had very positive feedback from the women who received the care, but midwives have also seen the benefits.”

11 per cent gave birth without any pain relief and 21 per cent used paracetamol to take the edge off the pain ... and more women used natural pain relief like a birthing pool or bath.

Of the group that received the care package, 73 per cent had a normal birth, without any clinical interventions. The Caesarean Section rate was 13.5 per cent.

This compared with a 37.5 per cent normal birth rate for the women who didn’t have the early targeted support, and a Caesarean Section rate of 37.5 per cent.

The care package is a set of six proven actions which work in harmony to benefit the outcome of the labour and give women a positive birth experience. * L - Look and Listen; * A - Assess maternal observations; * T - Time; * E - Encouragement; * N - Non-pharmacological pain relief; * T - Telephone


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