Midwife to help set up African birthing centre

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A ... midwife is heading to Africa to help women in a country where more die in childbirth than anywhere else in the world.

In two weeks Kate Cumming will swap the comfort of the Cumberland Infirmary for the Hostel of Hope, a new birthing centre in a suburb of Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown.

Armed only with her expertise, some basic equipment and teaching materials, Kate will be one of two international midwifes helping to get the birthing centre up and running.

And the experienced midwife ... knows that her experiences in the area of Freetown ... will be very different to those back home in Cumbria.

“The centre is attached to a fistula clinic, which is a horrible birth injury that happens when women are not looked after properly in childbirth,” explained Kate ...

“It’s only five years since the civil war finished there so it’s a country in recovery, and it has the highest maternity mortality rate in the world.”

... She said: “I’m most looking forward to helping to make a difference and improving other women’s lives.

... “They’ve got a lot of extra problems there like malaria and AIDS, and the women are starting off at a much lower level of health ...”

The birth centre is due to open a couple of weeks after Kate arrives in Africa and, along with an Australian midwife, she will spend her time training 10 African midwives and helping out in the delivery suites ...

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