C-section saved my life and baby's (clear need for education here!)

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In this world where information is so readily accessible, it never ceases to amaze me how mis-informed and ill-informed some people are when it comes to pregnancy and birth. This article is a prime example:

... As for childbirth being a natural process, yes, that is the case in most pregnancies. I know for a fact that my obstetricians don’t just let their patients go willy-nilly picking when they are tired of being pregnant or delivering babies based upon their Blackberry schedules.

Are you sure? How many caesareans and inductions are scheduled around when their husband will be home, when the doctor will be around, or the time of the year?

Have you seen the malpractice insurance premiums these guys pay? They do everything they can to keep babies and mothers alive.

There is a difference between saving a life that clearly needs to be saved, and saving a life just in case it might need to be saved at some point in the future. Intervening for the latter reason causes unnecessary harm to women and babies.

I don’t believe the majority of C-sections or early inductions are for revenue; they are for saving lives.

See above.

My child was a “complete” breech and if was not delivered via C-section, I and the child would have more than likely died during the “natural process of child delivery.”

Actually, recent research and guidelines support vaginal breech birth. It is sad that you were not informed of this.

Let’s stop C-sections or put a stigma on them and see what happens to mortality rates for mothers and babies.

If recent reports have anything to do with this, then the mortality rate will decline if caesareans reduce.

It seems that society wants a guarantee that the baby process is going to be foolproof and everyone gets the perfect “natural birth process” with no drama or sad outcome.

... it is not my right to have a natural childbirth; it is my privilege to have the best medical care in helping me achieve a healthy and safe delivery of my children.

And the best way to achieve a healthy and safe birth and baby is with a midwife. The midwife will make appropriate referrals to an obstetrician if this is needed.

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