informed consent and childbirth Every woman who is competent to consent, has the right to refuse any or all professional care. Informed consent must be obtained prior to any procedure being performed.

how to minimise labour intervention in a hospital?

The best way to minimise intervention in a hospital is to be as well informed as you can possible be about all things related to pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding and babies. Read widely, attend independent childbirth education classes and consider employing a private midwife to be with you throughout your labour. She can help you to decide if the proposed interventions are necessary in your situation, she can support you emotionally, mentally and physically and she can aso help to ensure that your birth plan is respected without a fuss.

Do any independent midwives in Sydney offer prenatal care for women who are planning to freebirth?

Yes! This service enables women to access antenatal care from a midwife without the midwife attending the birth. Postnatal care is available if needed.

Do you think there are advantages to continuous monitoring for low-risk women

In a word, no. Intermittent auscultation is the method of choice. Continuous monitoring will increase the chance of a caesarean with no benefit to the mother or baby.

How much is a private midwife

Prices range from $3000 - $6000. Melissa Maimann offers for her clients to pay by the hour, making the service one of the cheapest.

What is a good caesarean rate?

The World Health Organisation recommends that no more than 15% births need to be caesareans. The WHO argues that when caesarean rates exceed 15%, the risks to the mother and baby increase on the whole. You'll be hard-pressed to find a hospital with a caesarean rate of less than 15%, but birth centres and private midwives have caresarean rates of less than 10-15%.

What is the best hospital in sydney for delivering babies?

It all depends what sort of birth experience you're after! If you're wanting a natural birth, home birth will be the best option. If you want a natural birth in a hospital setting, the best options would be birth centre or private midwifery care for a planned hospital birth. If you're wanting to have intervention in your birth, a hospital birth would be best. If you choose an obstetrician, you're far more likely to have a caesarean, episiotomy, epidural, forceps or vacuum. Choosing your care provider is the single most important decision you will make in birthing.

Is there a birth centre at westmead hospital?

No, there isn't. If you're after a natural birth, the best choice would be a home birth.

C section or natural delivery midwife?

Midwves cannot perform caesareans. If a caesarean was needed, the midwife would call a doctor in to perform it. Most caesareans that are performed are unnecessary and increase the risks to the mother and baby. A natural birth is the safest way to birth, and midwives are qualified specialists in natural birth.

giving birth after birth trauma

Private midwifery care will be really important so that you can have the same midwife all the way through pregnancy, birth and postnatally. It's also important to debrief your last experience and come to a place where you feel safe to birth again.

high risk midwife sydney

Midwives are not qualified to care for high risk pregnancies. We refer these women onto obstetricians. In most cases, one or two consultations is all that is needed with the obstetrician and the midwife continues the care of the woman.

how many births proceed naturally

What a great question! It all depends what care provider you choose and where you have your baby. You see, if you choose a private midwife and birth at home, you have about a 95% chance of having a vaginal birth. If you birth in a private hospital, you have about a 33% chace of having an unassisted vaginal birth. In some hospitals, the caesarean rate is more than the vaginal birth rate! Sad but true.