Interested in home birth, hospital birth or private midwifery care? Questions or comments? Email Melissa Maimann or call 0400 418 448. Why are are home births with a mid wife preferred over a hospital delivery?

There are many benefits to birthing at home and having a midwife provide your care. The following pages will explain more about the benefits of birthing at home: http://www.essentialbirthconsulting.com.au/home-birth.html http://www.essentialbirthconsulting.com.au/home-birth/home-birth-benefits.html

I had a bad first birthing experience and I'm now waiting for my second baby.

It's important to debrief your birth experience to help you to gain clarity around what happened and to explore strategies for helping the same situation to not happen again. Birth debriefing can also help you to choose a care provider who can support what it is you need for your second birth.

What are the benefits of having my baby with a midwife?

There are many benefits: - Have the same care provider all the way through your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period - Lower rates of intevention such as forceps, vacuum, episiotomy, induction, epidural - More likely to breastfeed successfully - Have continuous support from your midwife throughout labour - Babies generally experience gentler births

What proportion of women birth at home with midwife?

Australia-wide, around 0.3%. In NSW, it's around 0.2%. The low rate of homebirth is related to several factors: - Homebirth is not actively supported by our health system, and hence it is not offered as an option to women when they see their GPs when they become pregnant. - There is a perception that home birth is something only "hippies" or "alternative" people do. This could not be further from the truth! - The cost of homebirth is prohibitive for some families as it is totally privately funded. - In some areas, there are no midwives available.

Is it possible to contract a private midwife for postnatal care only?

Yes! Essential Birth Consulting provides postnatal care independent of birthing services.

Are there any VBAC friendly doctors at north shore private?

VBAC rates at North Shore Private are around 5% or lower and this is reflective of the obstetricians who practice there. Conversely, private midwives have VBAC rates as high as 90%. Obstetricians are surgicial specialists; midwives are specialists in normal, natural birth. If you're after a normal birth (VBAC), you're best to choose a care provider who specialises in this.

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