Interested in home birth, hospital birth or private midwifery care? Questions or comments? Email Melissa Maimann or call 0400 418 448. How long before my due date will my elective caesarean be performed?

Elective caesareans should not be performed before 39 weeks unless there is a genuine reason to do so. This helps the baby's lungs to mature.

Are there any breathing issues for babies who are born by cesarean?

Yes, breathing difficulties are more common in babies who are born by caesarean. They are not primed by breathing as they are with a vaginal birth, and the fluid in their lungs isn't squeezed out as is the case with a vaginal birth. As well as this, ceasar babies are more prone to asthma in childhood and adulthood.

What are the pros and cons of caesareans?

I don't believe there are any benefits to major surgery without sound reason. There are many potential issues with caesareans: - increased blood loss - infections - blood clots - poor wound healing - adhesions inside - increased chance of miscarriage - lower rate of fertility - higher chance of tubal (ectopic) pregnancy - lower chance of ever having a vaginal birth after a caesarean - increased pain in the recovery period - poorer bonding - more breastfeeding problems - risks associated with anaesthetics

What does it cost to have an obstetrician in Sydney?

Anywhere between $2000 and $10,000.

What does it cost to have a midwife for a home delivery in Sydney?

Usually around $3000 - $5000. This represents fantastic value for money: midwives see their clients for 1-2 hours for each pregnancy visit, they're there throughout the labour and of course visit the family for 6 weeks after the new arrival has come.

What are the vbac rates in australian hospitals?

Fairly low! Anywhere between 1% and about 30%. The average is around 15%.

Can i have a water birth after a cesarean?

Yes, but you'll need to choose your care provider wisely. I'd recommend a private midwife. Most hospitals will not officially "allow" a waterbirth.

What is the best hospital in sydney for a natural childbirth?

The best place for a natural birth is not hospital. Home is the best environment for a natural birth, cared for by a private midwife. Your midwife will refer you into hospital if there are any problems, but most home births go very smoothly.

Can I have a home birth after IVF?


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