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It is best to discuss this with your midwife and s/he can guide you on this one.

Can you opt for a c-section in a public hospital?

Generally speaking, you cannot do this. Caesareans are only performed where there is a clear obstetric reason. Many women have support people with them for their labour and this helps them to feel more comfortable and in control of their experience.

Can you refuse midwife attendance during birth?

You can refuse to have a midwife with you if you choose, but this would leave you without professional care during the birth.

What care is available to women birthing in australia?

Within the private system, women may choose a midwife for a home or a hospital birth and they will generally experience an empowering and natural birth without complications. If there are complications in the pregnancy or birth, obstetric care is readily available. The other option in the private system is to choose an obstetrician. Intervention rates with obstetricians are high, with caesarean rates up to (and over) 50%, episiotomy rates around 25% and assisted delivery rates around 25%.

In the public system, midwifery care is the norm, but most women will not have the same midwife all the way through their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. If there are complications in the pregnancy or birth, obstetric care is readily available.

Continuity of midwifery care

The most established method of continuity of midwifery care is private midwifery care or independent midwifery. In this model, women book with the midwife of their choice and this same midwife is there for the woman throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Satisfaction rates with this mode of care are very high.

IVF and home birth?

Yes, it is possible to bith at home following IVF. Talk to your midwife.

Are midwives qualified to do cesareans?

No, midwives are qualified in normal pregnancy and birthing, and we do not perform surgery.

Natural labour in sydney?

The best way to achieve a truly natural labour is to book with a private midwife for a home birth or a hospital birth. Home is the safest place to birth for the majority of women, and home - where women feel safe, nurtured and supported - is the most conducive environment for a natural birth.

Are there any obstetricians in sydney under $5000?

The best way to research prices is to ask the obstetricians themselves. Don't forget, the ob's bill is not the only bill you will receive: there is also the paediatrician, anaesthetist, private hospital fees, health fund excess / co-payment, childbirth education and so on.

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