Interested in home birth, hospital birth or private midwifery care? Questions or comments? Email Melissa Maimann or call 0400 418 448. What are the disadvantages of birthing in hospital?

Most women who birth in hospital do not have the same midwife with them throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal stay. They have different midwives for pregnancy care, then another lot of midwives for the birth (sometimes 3-4, depending on how long the woman is in delivery suite and whether the midwife has a student midwife working with her), followed by another lot of midiwves who work in shifts in postnatal. The lack of continuity means that the woman does not have the opportunity to really develop a deep sense of trust with her own midwife, something that is intrinsic to positive and safe birthing experiences.

Women who are attended by hospitals have hospital policies drive their care. Policies around induction: when and how it's done; when a caesarean is done; how often they are to be examined; which women are to be continuously monitored; which babies are to be admitted to the nursery and so on. It's a bit like checking a box and then applying a treatment or intervention - without first checking if that treatment or intervention is genuinely needed in the woman's case.

When women have their own midwife with them - either for hospital, birth centre or home birth, they have the full range of options open to thema nd they are fully informed and able to make their own decisions around pregnancy and birth care.

birthing options

To learn more about birthing options, why not come along to the Essential Birth Consulting workshops?

Can I have a midwife as additional support in pregnancy?

Absolutely! It's a great way to supplement and complement the care option that you have chosen. You can have a midwife as additional support whether you're going to a public or private hospital, and even if you also have a private obstetrician. See here for details of birthing statistics with and without your own midwife.

midwife medical offset?

It's called the net medical expenses tax offset. Contact your registered tax agent or accountant for more advice. my understanding is that once you have $1500 in out-of-pocket medical expenses (doctor's fees, midwifery, prescriptions, optical, dental etc) you can claim 20% the cost through tax.

midwifery care fees

Private midwifery costs somewhere between $3000 and $6000. Essential Birth Consulting has new payment structure where families may choose to pay by the hour, potentially making this the best value midwifery service in Sydney, at around $3000 for a complete package of pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. Birth support is available for around $1500.

Are there any homebirth classed in sydney?

Yes! Why not come along to the Essential Birth Consulting workshops?

access to rebate on midwife visits

After November this year, women who are planning a hospital birth with a private midwife will be able to claim a medicare benefit for midwifery services. The benefit amount is not known at this stage and it is likely that there may be some out-of-pocket expenses too, but it will bring down the cost once Medicare benefits are payable.

Are hospital births unnecessary?

Every woman will need to come to her own conclusions on this one. My opinion is that home is the safest place for a low-risk, healthy woman to birth her baby. Leave hospitals for those who need them! In that case, most women would actually birth at home.

bowral midwife educator

I'd recommend Peter Jackson's Calmbirth classes.

Can i have an epidural with a midwife?

Absolutely! Although many women find that they don't need one when they're cared for by the same midwife and supported well in labour. My experience has been that the call for an epidural is mostly a call for more support and suggestions for getting though the labour. Epidurals are a good option for some women in some labours.

Can midwives administer oxytocin at a home birth?

Yes, if it's to manage excessive bleeding after the baby is born, but we cannot use it to induce or augment the labour. Those interventions must be attended in the hospital as they carry risks to the baby. Midwives routinely carry oxytocics to births in case they are needed.

Cost of homebirths in the illlwarra

Private midwifery costs somewhere between $3000 and $6000. Essential Birth Consulting has new payment structure where families may choose to pay by the hour, potentially making this the best value midwifery service in Sydney, at around $3000 for a complete package of pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.

Does having gestational diabetes mean a c section?

This would be a good one to ask your care provider. Generally speaking, gestational diabetes does not automatically mean having a caesarean.

Private midwife public hospital sydney?

Yes, it is possible to take your own midwifey with you in a public hospital. This service provides this as an option. Women book with their private midwife, booki into the hospital, receive all of their pregnancy care from their midwife, labour at home as long as possible with their midwife (even having the option of staying home if all is well), head off to hospital when the time is right, and then come home as soon as possible and continue care for 6 weeks. In the hospital, a hospital midwife will also be assigned to you.

Pprivate midwives in Sydney's east?

Yes, this service provides private midwifery services in the eatern suburbs.

Reasonable obstetricians north shore 2010

What is reasonable? What is important to you? At the end of thr day, it's about choosing a care provider who is suited to your needs. As experts in abnormal pregnancy and surgery, obstetricians are ideal care providers for risk-associated pregnancies. If your pregnancy is normal and you prefer a more natural option, midwifery care will best meet your needs. Private midwifery is the oldest form of continuity of midwifery care, however there is a price attached to this model as it is a private service. Public options are free but will lead you down the path of hospital policy and interventions.

What is the difference in cost between public and private?

Private has costs attached: obstetrician, paediatrician and anaesthetist fees, private hospital fund excess / co-payment, any other fees and charges from the private hospital (eg TV, phone, parking etc) and also tests and ultrasounds. Public is free if you have a Medicare card.

Transition into parenthood

These are highly recommended childbirth education classes that prepare couples well for the changes in pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

vbac north shore private?

It's very unlikely to happen at North Shore Private! Around 5% of the women who have previously had a caesarean go on to have a vaginal birth in that hospital. Private midwifery care - either for home birth or hospital birth - increases that percentage to 80-90%.

water birth private hospital sydney

None of the private hospitals in Sydney allow waterbirth. Waterbirth is the norm in a homebirth and may be an option in a public hospital if there are midwives on shift - and baths / pools available - to facilitate this.

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