Interested in home birth, hospital birth or private midwifery care? Questions or comments? Email Melissa Maimann or call 0400 418 448. Can you have your private midwife in a hospital delivery?

Yes! You can book with a private midwife and also book into hospital, have your pregnancy care with your private midwife, labour at home as long as possible, go to hospital with your midwife, and then leave as soon as possible and return home with your new baby and continue care with your midwife for up to six weeks.

Definition of team midwifery

Team midwifery is where a small group of midwives – up to 8 or 10 – care for a group of women. so the same group of midwives will organise the pregnancy, birth and postnatal care for their women. The benefit to the woman is that she is cared for throughout her experience by the same group of midwives, however it is possible that the midwife she has at the birth will be someone she has not met before. The chances of this are only slight. Compared to standard hospital care where a woman sees midwives in the antenatal clinic, then another lot of midwives – who she has not met – in delivery suite, and then another lot of midwives in the postnatal ward – this model represents a significant improvement in terms of continuity of care. However, the best model is caseload or private practice, where each woman has her own midwife who cares for her throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatally. Women are able to choose their midwife in private practice, however if it is a caseload model through the hospital, the woman is not able to choose her midwife.

Prevalence of home birth Australia

It’s around 0.3% but this number is thought to be lower than the actual number of homebirths. This is because some homebirths are not reported, mostly because they are freebirths.

Endometriosis risk home birth

Check with your midwife for specific advice relating to your situation. Generally, endometriosis is not a problem for homebirth.

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