Legal birthright choice for women

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PREGNANT women could be given the right to choose where to give birth by law under proposals being considered by the [UK] Government. Any risks to the mother and child would have to be taken into account, but the plan could see parents given the right to choose a home birth, hospital birth or one in a midwifery-led centre.

The entitlement would be enshrined in the NHS Constitution, which sets out a patient's rights by law.

... It tells expectant parents: "You will be offered the opportunity to choose where you want to give birth to your baby.

"The Government supports this principle and will consult on an entitlement around choice of place of birth, following further research."

... Furthermore, both mothers and fathers with babies on neonatal wards would be offered accommodation so they can both stay in hospital overnight.

Hospitals are being told to "recognise the importance of involving fathers for a baby's development and making families welcome".

The document also promises joined-up local services "so that families have continuous care and support from early pregnancy to at least the child's sixth month" ...

Fantastic news for the UK. Hopefully we will have the same in Australia.

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