Mum tells of 'magic' home birth

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A YOUNG mum who welcomed her first child into the world at home has spoken of the "magical" experience. Margaret Kilner gave birth to son Arlo in a birthing pool ... with husband Ian and two community midwives ...

... Margaret ... said she would recommend home-birthing to other mums and dads-to-be.

"I felt that being in our own home, comfortable, with our own belongings, and access to food and private spaces, would help me to feel relaxed and less frightened, which in turn would help make the experience less painful," she said.

"I also really liked the idea of having my own bedroom and bathroom and the peace and quiet, without other mums, babies, visitors and hospital staff.

"I think privacy was important to me as a first time mum, I felt daunted by how 'exposing' childbirth might be."

When the day came ... she said everything went to plan: "When the baby was ready to be born I was able to use gas and air to help keep me relaxed and Arlo was born in just a few pushes, and passed straight into my arms by a midwife I'd had the chance to form a trusting bond with.

"She helped me to feed him and there were lots of smiles and laughter. Within a couple of hours the midwives had packed up and left and it was just me, my husband and our baby in our home with nowhere we had to go to. It was magic, just beautiful."

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