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Question of the DayEach day, I will answer a question from readers of this website. Feel welcome to submit a question that you would like to have answered - simply add a comment to this page. Questions are welcome about maternity services in Australia, general information about pregnancy, birth, midwifery and so on.

Forum I have also created a new forum to stimulate discussion about maternity services and birthing options in Australia and around the world, or to share new research and information about pregnancy, birth or maternity services. The aim of the forum is to increase family's knowledge of the options that are available to them, especially as maternity services undergo a period of dramatic change this year.

Birth in Sydney Yahoo! Group A new Yahoo! Group has also been created: Birth in Sydney, for those who prefer to chat via Yahoo! groups. Birth in Sydney is all about sharing information for a safer and more satisfying pregnancy and birth experience. It has been crated for families who are interested in all types of birth such as natural, caesarean, epidural, waterbirth, homebirth and so on. It's a fun, supportive and friendly place to share information and talk about anything and everything related to pregnancy and birth.