Doctors use smart phones to keep tabs on childbirth

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This was quite a shocking article to read. Remote labour care being delivered by doctors so that they can attend to multiple patients simultaneously, all without ever seeing the patient. While it might have benefits in rural and remote areas, whereever possible, the doctor should attend the patient.

DAYTON — Isaiah Horton’s birth ... helped usher in a new digital era in the delivery of babies at Miami Valley Hospital.

Fifty obstetricians who work in the hospital’s labor and delivery unit now can use smart-phone technology to keep tabs on expectant mothers and the vital signs of their unborn children. That’s expected to reduce human error and improve care.

More than half of adverse birth outcomes are related to communication errors among caregivers ...

... doctors can securely monitor contractions and fetal heart activity from their smart phones. Previously, they relied on nurses to read data to them over the phone.

Is every patient continuously monitored?

Receiving real-time data by iPhone, “I don’t have to interpret what the nurse is saying,” said Dr. Andre Harris, the obstetrician who cared for Horton’s mother, Keely Horton of Dayton. Keely was the first patient Harris had monitored with the new technology.

... Harris doesn’t anticipate spending less time with his patients as a result of the new technology. “I don’t think we’re going to cut back on what we do on a normal basis,” he said. “I don’t think there’s going to be a drawback as far as the patient’s concerned.” ...

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