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The symptoms of birth trauma are many and varied. A common theme is that the trauma interferes with your enjoyment of daily life. The trauma issues may surface at different times, and then completely disappear.

Some women experience:

  • Flashbacks of the event and sudden, vivid memories. You will usually feel distressed, anxious or panicky when you’re exposed to things that remind you of the event Avoidance of anything that reminds you of the event. Some women never talk about their births or avoid hospitals. In contrast, other women talk about their birth trauma all the time; this is their way of expressing their extreme hurt, anger and fear. You may also experience emotions such as anger, irritability, and hyper-vigilance (feeling jumpy or on-guard all the time) Nightmares of the birth Physiological responses when you are exposed to events resembling the traumatic event, such as panic attacks, sweating and palpitations Numbed emotions
  • benefits of birthing by midwives over doctors

    The msin benefits of using a midwife are:

    Higher chance of natural birth Continuity of care: you have the same midwife for pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care. Even with a private obstetrician, you'll be attended by midwives you have not met when you're in labour and afterwards when you stay in the ward with your new baby. If you choose midwifery care, especially private midwifery care (no private health insurance needed), you have the same person looking after you the whole way through.

    do you need informed consent episiotomy

    Most definitely! The only time consent is not needed is in a genuine emergency. Since women are generally awake for their births, there is no reason why your midwife or doctor would not seek your permission before doing an episiotomy, even in an emergency situation. Remeber - you can always say no to an episiotomy.

    duty of care to an unborn child

    Midwives and obstetricians do owe a duty of care to the baby. Babies do nto have any rights until they are born alive and take their first breath. Once they do that, they are afforded the full rights of a person.

    no obstetrician for birth in private hospital

    Currently, it is not possible to birth in a private hospital without an obstetrician. However, you can have a private midwife and a private obstetrician at aprivate hospital.

    private birthing classes at home, Sydney

    Yes, this is possible. See here.

    will homebirth be legal after July, 2010?

    Absolutely! Homebirth has always been, and will always be, legal. The ability for midwives to practice in women's homes is dependent on the midwife reporting every homebirth, letting women know that we are not insured for births at home, and also agreeing to abide by a quality and safety framework. This is all designed to give the public greater confidence in private midwifery services and to increase safety for women and babies.

    Birth providers who support vbac in sydney

    The best way of achieving a VBAC in Sydney is to contract a private midwife to provide your care. Private midwives have roughly a 90% VBA success rate.

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