Interested in home birth, hospital birth or private midwifery care? Questions or comments? Email Melissa Maimann. birthing centre epidural

It's not possible to have an epidural in a birth centre. If you need an epidural, the midwife will move you to the delivery suite.

epidural private hospital

On the other hand, it's very pssible to have an epidural in a private hospital. In some private hospitals, almost 90% women have an epidural.

gestational diabetes midwifery home birth

While it might be possible to birth at home with gestational diabetes, it's best to speak with your midwife.

midwife managed pregnancy Sydney

Private midwifery care will enable midwife-managed pregnancy care. With a private midwife, you choose your own midwife and she will provide all of your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.

no intervention birth

No-one can guarantee no intervention in birth and also guarantee safety. Most births do not need intervention of any kind. No examinations, no induction, no epidural, no caesarean, no forceps or vacuum and so on. But some women, some babies, or some labours will occasionally need some help, and it can be hard to predict at the start of the pregnancy which ones might need help, and which ones are fine. The best strategy would be to contract a private midwife who you trust, and allow her to provide your care in partnership with you.

the right time for consulting mid wife during pregnancy

It's best to consult with a midwife as soon as you find out you're pregnant, especially if you're choosing a private midwife as we tend to book out fairly fast.

Melissa Maimann, Essential Birth Consulting