Interested in home birth, hospital birth or private midwifery care? Questions or comments? Email Melissa Maimann or call 0400 418 448. Can my private midwife go with me to public hospital?

Yes. Private midwives attend women wherever they are giving birth. Many women who seek out the services of a private midwife will be planning a homebirth, but may other women want a private midwife to be by their side in a planned hospital birth. This may be because the woman wishes to have all her pregnancy and postnatal care requirements met by her midwife, with the option of birthing at home or labouring at home as long as possible before heading into hospital. Once in hospital, although the woman will be assigned a hospital midwife, the woman’s private midwife will be by her side providing emotional and physical support, encouragement and most of all continuing the safe and trusting relationship that has been developing over the months.

This is truly a great way of getting continuity of care within the hospital system and maximising the chance of a natural and healthy birth.

Difference between midwife and obstetrician

A midwife is a specialist in normal pregnancy, birth and postnatal. Midwives are qualified and educated to care for women and babies on their own authority while ever women and babies remain healthy and well. the other part of the midwife’s role is to detect complications in the pregnancy and to refer to an obstetrician in a timely manner. Some women will consult with an obstetrician once or twice if there are problems, while other times the obstetrician will continue the care of the woman. Obstetricians are surgical specialists who have degrees in medicine, surgery and obstetrics. While they are certainly qualified to care for healthy pregnant women, their specialty is in pregnancies and births that are complicated. An obstetrician can perform surgery such as a caesarean, and they can perform assisted births such as forceps and vacuums.

Both obstetricians and midwives are essential in our maternity care system.

Average cost parking at hospital

It can be expensive! Some hospitals offer free parking, while other hospitals may be around $30 per day. Remember to carry lots of change with you as some hospital car parks take coins only.

Can you have midwives deliver in private hospitals?

Generally speaking, no. you’ll be admitted under the care of an obstetrician and the midwife who is looking after you in labour will call your obstetrician when your baby is close to being born so that your obstetrician can “deliver” your baby.

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