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It will cost more out of pocket to have an obstetrician. Conversely, midwifery will attract medicare benefits after November, making private midwifery care more affordable to families.

waterbirths in sydney

The easiest way to have a waterbirth is to contract a private midwife and have a home waterbirth. Some hospitals are offering waterbirth. Sometimes it will depend on having a room available with a bath in it; other times it will depend on which midwife is on staff as some are accredited to do waterbirths and others aren't.

antenatal classes sydney and independent childbirth educators sydney

The best value antenatal classes are with Julie Clarke who is an experienced childbirth educator and Calmbirth (R) Practitioner.

can i refuse use of forceps

You can refuse anything you don't want to have. Often obstetricians will use a vacuum rather than forceps. Avoiding an epidural is the best way to avoid forceps or a vacuum.

can you go public if you have phi maternity

Absolutely! PHI is there in case you need it, but having it doesn't mean you have to use it.

caseload midwifery and homebirth

Homebirth is the original caseload midwifery model! Each woman books with her own midwife, one she has sought out, trusts and knows well. That same midwife attends all the woman's pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.

cost of a private midwife sydney

Anywhere from $3000 upwards. Most are around $3000 - $5000. It's money well spent.

how will homebirth be affected by the health reform australia 2010

Truth is, we still don't know. We're awaiting another draft of the Quality and Safety Framework. As soon as something is released publicly, I'll place it on this blog.

which is safer hospital or midwife?

It's not really an either / or because midwives work in hospitals as well as in the community. Midwives attend every birth. In some cases, a doctor will also attend, but every birth is attended by a midwife.

can I have a waterbirth after a caesarean?

Of course you can!

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