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There’s a great alternative: private midwifery care. While private midwives may not be cheaper than private obstetricians, the service is experienced by women to be more personalised, thorough, caring and supportive. Consultations are one to two hours in duration, so there’s plenty of time you to get to know your midwife and to talk through all fears and anxieties. All questions are answered thoroughly and there’s time for things like birth planning, childbirth education as well as the clinical things. Of course, if any problems are detected, midwives refer to obstetricians who can provide obstetric care.

How much will it cost me to access a private midwife as my care giver

The fees vary and in Sydney you’d be looking at anywhere between $4000 and $6000.

Refusing to be induced at hospital

All women have the option to accept or decline interventions. The hospital will want to ensure that you understand why they want to induce you, the risks of not inducing, and that you’re accepting responsibility for your decision. You’re perfectly within your rights to refuse interventions and to birth at your chosen birth place with support.

How to have a baby naturally in a hospital

In short, take a private midwife with you! the most important decision you will make in your pregnancy will be choice of care provider. Typically, midwives have lower rates of intervention than do obstetricians. Private midwives have even lower rates of intervention than do hospital-employed midwives. Safety is never compromised.

Home birth fetal auscultation

Yes, this is common-place in homebirths. Your midwife will have with her a doppler which may be used in the water if you are planning a waterbirth. It is common place for midwives to check your baby’s heart rate every 30 minutes in labour and more often if they feel that there is a problem. If your midwife suspects that your baby is distressed, she’ll arrange for you to be transferred to hospital where she will remain with you every step, providing advice, reassurance and support.

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