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The Quality and Safety Framework is not out yet in its final version. A final draft has come out and it is now in the hands of the Nursing and Midwifery Board to accept or reject the Framework in whole or in part. I will update this blog once I know more details about the QSF.

Midwifery in the home nsw legal

Yes, midwifery is – and will remain – legal at home.

Private health insurance, private midwifery care, australia

Yes, Private Health Insurance may cover the cost of private midwifery care. Some health funds are more generous in their benefits than other funds so it’s worth doing your homework before becoming pregnant so you can get the cover that’s most advantageous.

Private midwife vs obstetrician

The role of the obstetrician is to provide care for women with complicated pregnancies and births, so they’re called in to manage things that are not seen to be progressing normally. The role of the midwife is to take care of healthy, well pregnant and birthing women (and their babies) and to refer to obstetricians when it’s necessary. Private midwifery care is holistic in nature, so women can expect that their midwife will be interested in getting to know them, they can expect their pregnancy consultations to be very thorough and to last for 1-2 hours. Private midwives attend the whole labour and birth, we do not just attend for the end of birth. Private midwives take on a much lower caseload – you’ll be hard-pressed to find midwives with more than 4 births a month, so we’re more available to our clients.

Water birth experts australia

That would be a midwife! More specifically, a private midwife or birth centre midwife. We regularly attend waterbirths.

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