Up to a third of Aussies against public breastfeeding

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Up to a third of Australians still believe mothers should not breastfeed babies in public, while a third think a baby should stop breastfeeding within six months.

Despite 65 per cent of people saying breastfed babies had a better chance of surviving beyond a year old ... only 29 per cent "strongly agree" that women should be encouraged do so in public.

... young adults ... were the least supportive of public breastfeeding.

... "Part of the issue why young mothers wean their babies too early is societal pressure ..."

... The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding exclusively for a baby's first six months, continuing for up to two years ...

... breastfed babies have lower risks of cot death and a decreased likelihood of developing diabetes or becoming obese.

"While nearly 90 per cent of Australian women initiate breastfeeding, one per cent of Australian children are breastfed for the minimum duration recommended by the WHO," Dr James says.

"Australia needs a paradigm shift, and it has to start in our schools with education that normalises breastfeeding ..."

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