Interested in home birth, hospital birth or private midwifery care? Questions or comments? Email Melissa Maimann or call 0400 418 448. Can private midwives be fined for delivering a baby at home?

No. it’s perfectly legal for private midwives to attend homebirths. There are no fees or penalties to the midwife or family.

What is an eligble midwife?

An eligible midwife is a midwife who has:

Current general registration as a midwife in Australia with no restrictions on practice; Midwifery experience that constitutes the equivalent of 3 years full time post initial registration as a midwife; Current competence to provide pregnancy, labour, birth and post natal care to women and babies; Successful completion of an approved professional practice review program for midwives working across the continuum of midwifery care; 40 hours per year of continuing professional development relating to the continuum of midwifery care (20 hours in addition to standard requirements); Formal undertaking to complete an accredited and approved program of study to develop midwives' knowledge and skills in prescribing within 18 months.

Clients of eligible midwives are able to access Medicare benefits for the services provided by eligible midwives. eligible midwives are also able to access visiting rights at a later date.

Can you use a private midwife in public hospital in sydney?

Yes. You can work with a private midwife during your pregnancy and she can provide all of your pregnancy care. You can labour at home as long as you like with your private midwife, moving to hospital when you feel ready. In hospital, your midwife will ensure that your needs are met and provide support and advice. After your new family member arrives, you can return home and be cared for by your private midwife.

Sometime after November, private midwives will have visiting access to hospitals.

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