Impossible midwives: private midwifery care

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I am a midwife who wants to continue to provide private midwifery care. The systems and protection mechanisms that came into effect on July 1 are letting down midwives and women ...

The experienced midwife has watched the deteriorating standards of care in hospitals. Consumers and midwives asked the politicians and the various health authorities for change, but what have we ended up with? A confusing set of rules that reduce women's birthing choices and rights to privacy.

I have read the two professional indemnity insurance policies available for private midwives ... I now have to scratch a plan of care that by virtue is demonstrating the "collaboration of care", or signing over a woman's right to privacy to a doctor or a hospital.

As for collaboration, the definition of this term cannot be agreed by legislators, health professionals or bureaucrats. I will pay a minimum of $5000 for the four to five private clients a year. Since July 1, if I do not have profession indemnity I will not be meeting the professional standards of the new national Nurses Midwives Registration Board, and I could be disciplined, de-registered or fined.

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