No compromise in sight on maternity care

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Doctors and midwives are poles apart and “unwilling to compromise” when it comes to collaboration in maternity care, new research suggests.

The survey of 460 midwives, GP obstetricians and obstetricians found that over half of doctors thought they should have the final say in maternity care but only 4% of midwives agreed.

In contrast, over 90% of midwives thought they should be the final decision maker, but only 30% of doctors agreed with this, according to the survey ...

“The results showed while there was a widespread [agreement] with the definition of collaboration, there were significant differences in the way this definition translated into practice,” ...

Both groups indicated that they thought the current system did not support collaboration between doctors and midwives. Nearly all doctors respected midwives, but this was not reciprocal, with only 75% of midwives saying they respected doctors.

Meanwhile, the NHMRC has been forced to act as an intermediary between the RANZCOG and the College of Midwives in an ongoing dispute over referral guidelines ...

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