New unit a 'home birth in hospital'

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MONA Vale Hospital’s new birthing unit will simply be a place for expectant mothers to have a home birth inside a hospital - but a long way from emergency care if a complication occurs - according to an obstetrician.

How anyone can consider a hospital birth to be the same as a homebirth is way beyond me! There is a very big difference between the comfort and familiarity of our homes, and a hospital environment.

Dr David Jollow, one of Mona Vale Hospital’s onsite obstetricians, said the new, midwife-run, Mona Vale birthing unit would mean women who suffer a complication during labour will have to be rushed to Manly Hospital instead of being treated by Mona Vale’s onsite obstetricians.

“The new unit is essentially a home birth that happens to be in a hospital,” Dr Jollow said.

“It would actually be safer to have a home birth in Balgowlah or Seaforth, because an ambulance ride to Manly would be quicker.”

It's interesting that obstetricians oppose free-standing birth centres, yet we have the existence of midwife-run units where obstetricians are not available. Is ther a differnence? Is it merely a differing terminology to be acceptable to some?

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