Woman reportedly pregnant for nearly two years

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Chien’s husband, Duong Van Tuan .. .claimed that his wife has been pregnant for 21 months. He explained that his wife saw doctors the first time when she was over three months pregnant.

Doctors examined her and made an ultrasound scan, saying the child was a boy and very healthy. They calculated that she would give birth in early September 2009.

The woman had no labor pain on the days that doctors anticipated ... doctors examined her again and told the family they must wait because Chien has not begun labor yet. The placenta clung to the womb, so they couldn’t perform an operation, which could cause hemorrhaging.

For two months afterwards, Chien still have no sign of labor pain though she still felt the child move. When she was 11 months pregnant, the couple went to the Central Obstetrics Hospital in Hanoi and doctors still said that they must wait.

“I have been waiting for my wife’s labor for nearly one year. But I can’t wait anymore because the fetus is 21 months old already. Doctors at the Central Obstetrics Hospital made an appointment for us on August 20 to decide on an operation ...

Dr. Tran Danh Cuong, chief of the Central Obstetrics Hospital’s Obstetrics 1 Ward, said this is a very weird case. He stated that no child can live for over 45 weeks in the womb. “No doctor should let a woman be pregnant for 21 months,” Cuong confirmed.

Correction: some babies can live beyond 45 weeks. It is unheard of in today's times because most babies are induced even before 42 weeks (which is still considered normal pregnancy). In our grandparent's generation and prior, some babies did indeed remain inside until well beyond 42 weeks and survive.

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