Baby born via homebirth taken from parents

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An Illinois couple had their child put in protective custody after they delivered her at home against hospital advice. Over a month later, they are still fighting to get her home.

Ryan and Melissa ... now have 8 hours a day of visitation with their baby girl, who is nearly six weeks old.

"Ruth ... was born at home ... She weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. ... During the birth, her shoulders were stuck momentarily (Shoulder Dystocia) but once they were free, she came right out. Ruth was doing well but a few hours later she seemed to be fussier than usual and we decided to take her in to get her checked out just to be sure. We took her to the ER in the middle of the night. Over the next few days, they told us that her arms had nerve damage from her shoulders getting stuck and a couple of days later, someone filed a complaint against us citing medical neglect for having her at home vs. the recommended C-section since she was breech. Since that time, Ruth has had every test possible run and so far, she seems to be doing very well. Her arms are recovering and she is a very content baby."

"Unfortunately, the State of Illinois took her into custody as a result of the complaint and she has been in foster care for over a week. During that time, we were only allowed to see her twice for a couple of hours. Thankfully, as of Aug. 9th, she was placed with Melissa's parents and we are now allowed to see her for a few hours each day."

... Baby Ruth seems to be thriving despite the circumstances. Her parents reported on August 20 that at her last doctor's appointment, the doctor reported no health concerns ...

Interesting that when women make other choices against medical advice - such as an elective caesarean that is not medically required - these decisions are supported. Yet when a woman chooses a natural birth against advice, she - or her midwife - will suffer.

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