Midwife the mother of invention of baby protection bracelet

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A SUNSHINE Coast midwife has become the mother of invention by developing a world-first wristband barcode system that safeguards babies from identification and feeding mix-ups.

Mrs Oglesby ... invented Babywatch: an identification, tracking and monitoring system where [midwives] use a hand-held scanner to match mothers to babies.

Last year The Courier-Mail revealed babies were regularly being wrongly tagged in the state's hospitals, with 57 identification errors reported over a 12-month period, with the number of reported mistakes doubling in three years.

"With today's technology, it was just silly to keep going the way we always have," Mrs Oglesby said.

"I knew there had to be a better management system."

And there is a better management system: keeping mothers and babies together, unseparated. Or better still, birthing at home where you are never separated from your baby.

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