Midwives to lead on healthy pregnancies by 2020

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Midwives will replace GPs as the lead professionals for pregnant women by 2020 ...

The report by Midwifery 2020, Delivering Expectations, said that in the next 10 years midwives would become more influential in the NHS and develop their central role in maternity services.

... “Midwives will be the lead professional for all healthy women with straightforward pregnancies. For women with complex pregnancies, they will be the key coordinator of care in the multidisciplinary team.”

It advised that midwives should respond to women’s experiences of care and that education should prepare midwives to care for all women, including those with complex needs.

... “The report’s vision sees midwives as professionals who manage a woman’s health and social needs, working outside the medical model of care, and firmly rooted in the community.”

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