Women pushed into caesareans

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... c-sections now account for one third of all births, and ... a big reason for this increase is the over-use of labor induction.

•Almost half of women wanting vaginal births were induced. •Women who were induced were twice as likely to have a cesarean birth as moms whose labor starts spontaneously. •Of the c-sections done after induction, half were performed before the cervix had dilated to six centimeters, “suggesting that clinical impatience may play a role.” •A third of first time mothers had c-sections. •C-sections upon maternal request (those done for non-medical reasons) account for only 9% of c-sections. •Attempts at VBAC are less likely to result in vaginal birth than previously thought. Few women are offered the option of VBAC.

... what can you do about all this if you are pregnant and want a vaginal birth? Here are a few ideas:

- Talk to your care provider ... about his or her rates of induction, c-section and episiotomy ... - Educate yourself about labor induction ... - Stay home in early labor ...

- Choose a midwife if you're opting for a natural birth - See an experienced independent childbirth educator for childbirth education classes - Ask questions - Read, read, read

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