4 Advantages of having a Midwife

Link The decision to hire a midwife or a doctor for the delivery of a baby is something that requires careful deliberation ... well in advance of the delivery date ... While many moms deem a doctor as the best choice, midwives have several advantages that should be considered.

Advantage #1 - Full Attention on Your Childbirth

Families that opt for midwife services love the full attention that the worker gives to the childbirth. Unlike doctors who need to complete their rounds with other patients, midwives will only work on one mother at a time. The midwife will accompany the mother through all ... stages... A doctor will not give this type of full ... attention ...

Because of this one-on-one attention, the midwife is able to make the delivery a more personal experience than a doctor who may need to blurt out commands prior to checking in on other mothers in labor. A midwife has more specialized training and knows how to make the patient more comfortable when compared to a doctor.

Advantage #2 - Midwives Specialize in Childbirth

A ... midwife is experienced in childbirth and is trained in a number of medical actions for a variety of pregnancy situations. Many midwives are also knowledgeable in methods that strive to reduce birthing time and delivery pains.

Advantage #3 - Family Control in Childbirth

A midwife is more open to family concerns than a general doctor. It is easier to convince a midwife to do the delivery at home. If you voice out your opinions to a doctor, the scenario would be different. The doctor would tell you that you should follow the best practice: i.e. the medical choice of the physician. Whereas, a midwife will be open to possibilities of a home birth ... Hiring a midwife assures that the whole family can decide and participate in the delivery process.

Advantage #4 - Less Childbirth Expenses

It is a fact that doctors charge more ... Most midwives charge you for the whole process and not by the hour. If your pregnancy is not high risk, hiring a midwife may be a wise and thrifty decision.

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