Fewer caesareans with 'midwife-centred care'

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The district health board responsible for the most births in Australasia is bucking the national trend - reporting low figures for caesarean section deliveries.

Unlike other DHBs in the Auckland region with statistics well above the national average of 24.3 per cent, Counties Manukau DHB reported caesarean delivery figures of 17.08 per cent of all births for 2009.

... "Our midwives are promoting natural, vaginal births wherever possible. It's why we like to focus on more women giving birth in our community clinics.

"The women feel more at home there and the recovery after a natural delivery is much, much quicker than a C-section."

... the figures reflected a lack of involvement in the conception and birthing process from fertility clinics or private obstetricians.

... "For us our core philosophy has always been midwife-driven, that's not going to change.

"We feel satisfied we are only providing caesarean surgeries when there is an indication for them."...

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