Increased forceps training 'could cut caesarean births'

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Additional training in difficult births could help [lower] caesarean section operations ...

... extra training could reverse the trend for caesarean sections being used in cases where an instrumental delivery would have been more appropriate.

... emergency caesarean sections carry a risk of "severe obstetric morbidity", while proper use of forceps can be much safer – and make vaginal birth easier in the future ...

If an assisted birth is needed, forceps are more likely than a vacuum to result in a vaginal birth. The vacuum is more likely to slip off, sometimes several times, before a caesarean is called for, whereas the forces are far more likely to result in a vaginal birth. Having a caesarean for the first birth makes all future pregnancies and births labelled "high risk" and will dramatically lower a woman's chance of ever having a vaginal birth. So it's really important to maximise the possibility of a vaginal birth for the first baby. Following births are generally much quicker and easier!

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