Continuity of Midwifery Care

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HE’S the fourth son born to Natalie ... but the first child born as part of the new midwifery group practice model now offered by Manly Hospital.

... From the moment she came under the new model, launched on October 15, Mrs Sengchanh has only had one midwife ... by her side.

... “Previously I’d go to the clinic at the hospital and see whichever midwives were on at that time,” she said.

... The difference ... between the previous births and her latest is stark.

“I can’t remember the names of any of the midwives who helped me deliver my first three sons,” she said.

“Sometimes a midwife would come and visit me but it would be a different one each time.

“This was definitely my best labour.

“I was calm the whole time because Anne was there and she knew exactly what I wanted.”

And a lovely comment followed:

I am so pleased to see Manly is implementing this model of midwifery care.

Seeing the same midwife throughout your pregnancy and birth is proven to result in better outcomes for mothers and babies ... That option wasn't available when I had my two children, so we employed our own, independent midwife. For the most amazing, personal experience of my life I wanted someone who I knew and trusted to be looking after me. She was there in the hospital with us for my first child when I had to be induced - and thanks to her being there I was still able to have a waterbirth, and at home with us for our second. She was on call 24/7 ...

The difference between public continuity of midwifery and private midwifery care is that private midwifery care practically guarantees the woman a) choice of midwife and b) that the midwife that she has chosen will be the midwife to deliver all of her care. Pubic models tend to work in a team fashion whereby a woman has a named midwife (not necessarily chosen by the woman) but the named midwife works in a group with 2 or 3 other midwives. Midwives may rotate on-call work and have weekends and days off. Hence, women are not guaranteed that their named midwife will actually be with her when she births.

The other important difference is that a private midwife usually has a much lower caseload than a public hospital midwife, and hence she is a) more available to her clients in pregnancy; b) far less likely to be attending another birth at the time that you go into labour and c) provides more extensive postnatal care, generally for 6 weeks.

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