Forceps babies 'more likely to behave badly' while those born by Caesareans 'are calmer'

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Babies born with the help of forceps or a suction cup are more likely to have emotional problems ...

... assisted delivery techniques produce high levels of stress hormones that may affect development.

... children born after a caesarean requested by their mother have fewer emotional and behavioural problems. In pre-school, they were found to be much less likely to suffer from anxiety, aggression and attention disorders.

... babies born with the aid of forceps were more likely to be aggressive as young children, but Caesarean babies were calmer

... Immediately after birth, umbilical cord blood cortisol levels have been found to be lowest in babies born by elective caesarean, followed by spontaneous birth. The highest levels are found in assisted deliveries where forceps or a suction cup is used because labour is prolonged and complications may have developed.

Previous studies have suggested these children experienced the highest levels of stress at birth.

... 'Cortisol levels have been linked to childhood psychopathology, however, more studies are still needed to look at this in more detail,' ...

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