Umbilical cord to be kept intact for 3 min to avoid harm the child

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Mother and child are connected in so many ways but the most literal connection is through the umbilical cord nine months prior to the birth of the child ... In a recent study it is seen that if this umbilical cord is cut too soon after the birth then it could actually harm the child.

... if umbilical cords are clamped away too quickly after birth then the child may suffer from anaemia or blood related physical troubles ... at least three minutes should be given so that maximum blood is transferred to the child and blood related problems can be avoided in the child.

The World Health Organization along with the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics advised doctors to give time to the born child and to refrain from clamping away the cord before 3 minutes. A British Journal on the other hand commented against the practice of waiting and said that quickly cord cutting has become order of the day so much so that “delaying clamping is generally considered a new or unproved intervention.”

This age old practice of cutting the cord as soon as the child is born should be changed keeping the latest facts in mind for the betterment of the child. Even Hutchen is of the opinion that “'Lack of awareness of current evidence, pragmatism, and conflicting guidelines are all preventing change. To prevent further injury to babies we would be better to rush to change.”

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