Canada Faces Growing Loss of Maternity Wards

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Jim Curran is the third generation of his family to be born at the Niagara Falls General Hospital in Ontario, Canada.

... But any chances of a fifth generation being born there are in doubt.

Two years ago, the Niagara Health System ... announced a plan to centralize maternity care by closing two wards and expanding the one at the hospital in St. Catharine ...

... Losing the ward ... will make it hard for women, particularly those who don't have their own cars, to reach medical help.

... The maternity ward closings in the Niagara Falls region are part of a looming maternity care crisis in Ontario and across Canada ...

... the number of practicing obstetricians and gynecologists is ... s declining.

... The Association of Ontario Midwives ... believes that more midwifes are part of the solution. The group is pushing for more government investments in midwifery training to help breach the gap in maternity care providers ...

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