Too many moms get C-sections, says study

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Unnecessary C-sections ... could be costing the health-care system more than $6.2 million a year ...

... 2,420 surgeries could be avoided if the province were able to lower the proportion of C-section births among first-time pregnancies to the rate achieved by nation-leading Manitoba.

Dr. R. Douglas Wilson ... rejects the suggestion that Alberta physicians are performing C-sections that aren't medically necessary. However, he says he and his colleague need to do a better job of avoiding the surgeries in cases where labour is induced.

"Half the mothers we induce end up having a C-section because they don't end up in full labour," Wilson said. "We need to get that rate down around 10 per cent."

... If every province could achieve Manitoba's success with vaginal births, the institute estimates that 16,200 procedures could be avoided and more than $36 million could be saved in hospital costs.

... C-section deliveries cost hospitals nearly $5,000, approximately $2,265 more than vaginal births ...

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