Drug to make childbirth pain-free

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... Normal delivery may soon become pain-free. Doctors at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) are using a medicine on a trial basis to dilate the cervix for almost pain-free child birth and fewer complications. Initial trial have shown that this procedure also ensures a positive result ...

... trials are being conducted on pregnant women for child birth. Child birth through normal delivery is avoided by women mostly because it is painful. But with the new medicine proving to be effective in cervical dilation, which is required for removal of the neonate, doctors hope to give a fillip to the process of natural birth using the new method.

"The use of this drug in lower doses for child birth is still in the research phase. We are still looking into the complications involved in the procedure. No data has been published on the same so far," said Mittal.

... pregnant women are given lower dose of the medicine three hours before delivery ... The drug softens the surface of the cervix making delivery easier without much pain ...

Another approach would of course be to support women with one-to-one midwifery care in labour with a known and trusted midwife so that the woman is better able to manage the sensations of labour. With good preparation and support for natural labour and birth, most women are able to achieve a drug-free birth.

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