Law Gives Nurse Midwives More Independence

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When New York City’s St. Vincent’s Hospital closed its doors for good last year, the certified nurse midwives who held practice agreements with the hospital had nowhere to turn. Now, thanks to a landmark piece of legislation that was signed into law in June, every licensed CNM in New York state can practice independent of a physician.

... “Midwives are the acknowledged experts in normal birth — and this legislation ensures that New York’s women have the right to choose the birth options and healthcare providers they desire — including the care of highly educated and licensed midwives.”

... midwives handle low-risk births but have formal or informal relationships with physicians in case complications arise ... midwives typically have admitting privileges and the support of the hospital’s attending physician ...

Passage of the bill was heavily opposed by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which says it has concerns regarding safety and the competition it creates with physicians.

What a fantastic outcome! Everyone was very concerned when St. Vincent’s Hospital closed its doors as it was the only hospital that provided written practice agreements with midwives - a requirement of a private midwife's practice. However, the passage of this Bill paves the way for many women to access safe midwifery care.

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