Big mums risk babies' health

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Pregnant women are packing on too many kilograms, risking their health and that of their babies - and costing the health system a fortune.

A staggering 41.5 per cent of the 7735 women who gave birth at Auckland's National Women's Hospital in 2009 were classed as overweight or obese.

Those with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 25 were considered overweight, while those who exceeded 30 were said to be obese.

... national and international research showed it was a growing problem ...

... Big mums ... were at increased risk of:

* Developing diabetes and other serious pregnancy complications such as pre-eclampsia.

* Having a stillbirth. There is a two-fold increase for obese mothers.

* Needing a caesarean section.

* Breast-feeding problems.

* Having a big baby, which in turn is at risk of becoming an obese child.

... Another concern was a trend in pregnant women, aged under 25, being obese.

... obese mums also had a higher chance of having a baby with an abnormality ...

Nutrition and exercise are the foundations of a healthy pregnancy, healthy birth and healthy baby. In my service. I focus a lot on optimising women's nutrition because it is a modifiable aspect of care that can really make a difference. For women choosing homebirths, I think it's especially important to make really healthy food choices and to exercise most days of the week. I acknowledge that it's really hard to change habits - especially exercise and nutrition habits - so I provide lots of support, guidance and motivational tools to help women work towards health.

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