Mothers endorse birthing program

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FOR Gemma Newman, having the same midwife care for her throughout her pregnancy made all the difference when it came time to give birth.

The mother-of-two is one of 250 women who have used the Aboriginal Medical Service’s Murundhu dharaa birth program since it began operating 18 months ago.

The midwife-led program incorporates antenatal, birth and postnatal care.

... During her pregnancy, she was cared for by midwife Tracey Foster, who visited her at her home and at work.

Mrs Foster was present when Mrs Newman went into labour, and stayed for Mahli’s delivery at Orange Base Hospital.

... having the same midwife the whole way through her pregnancy had improved her experience this time round.

... “I’ve found it a lot better this time, especially with the after care, if I’ve had any problems with breastfeeding and things like that I’ve been able to call her at any time,” ...

... The Orange Aboriginal Medical Service opened its new birthing centre on Palmer Street last Monday ...

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