Baby dies after mum waits five hours for a room


THE Health Department is investigating whether the tragic death of a baby at a ... hospital could have been averted.

It is alleged the expectant mum ... was forced to wait in an emergency department after her waters broke, only to be told five hours later when she finally got a room that her baby had died inside her ...

... She got to the emergency department ... and doctors asked that she be put in a room and monitored, as is the practice with women who have gone into labour.

However there were none available and she was told to wait in the emergency room while experiencing contractions.

She remembers her baby was still kicking and seemingly fine.

Five hours later when a room became available, an ultrasound was taken and it was discovered that the baby had died.

Ms Otoreno had to be induced to give birth to her baby ...

A tragic outcome for this woman and baby. One-to-one midwifery care can avert situations such as these. It is unfortunate that there is such a shortage of midwives that it is not possible to staff labour rooms with one-to-one midwifery care, as is the gold standard of care, however women who choose a privately practicing midwife can be assured that they will have a midwife by their side.

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