Birth of a great idea


LIKE most first-time mothers, Kyla Lake is eagerly awaiting the birth of her baby this month.

Her midwife Teresa Walsh is just as excited because Kyla’s baby will be the first born in Ipswich under the new Medicare for midwives laws, part of the government’s health care reform package.

A change in national laws on November 1 last year gave mothers the choice of a private midwife for their pregnancy and birth care in hospital and the ability to claim a Medicare rebate for the services.

Ms Lake said having a midwife had helped quell any fears or concerns she had regarding her pregnancy and birth.

“They give you tips and advice and talk to you regarding what will happen at hospital,” Ms Lake said. “It makes you feel more relaxed about the whole process.”

The 24-year-old Walloon resident is due on March 20 and plans to give birth in Ipswich Hospital.

... expectant mothers and midwives got to know each other during the pregnancy and birth, with the midwife available for advice and support for six weeks after the birth.

... “My Midwives clients had 13 beautiful babies in February, which was more than we expected, so women really seem to like our service.

... midwives worked in collaboration with obstetricians at the hospital and other health providers to make sure women got all the care and support they needed during pregnancy, birth and afterwards.

Very exciting times for maternity in Australia! We are in the midst of rapid and very positive change.

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