New midwifery group at Canterbury Hospital

MEDICARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR MIDWIFERY CARE THROUGH THIS SERVICE! Fantastic news for the women in the Canterbury area and well done to the team at Canterbury who have worked really hard to implement their brand new midwifery group practice. It's exciting to read about the new group practices that are being developed in support of natural birth and in line with the Towards Normal Birth Policy in NSW.


FOUR midwives will run a new midwifery group at Canterbury Hospital ...

... the Midwifery Group Practice would offer care to women with low-risk pregnancies.

“Women at Canterbury Hospital can now receive care from the same midwife prior to, during and after the birth of their baby,” she said.

... “Midwives will also visit mothers and babies at home for up to two weeks after the birth to make sure they are healthy and settled.”

Data shows there is strong support for such services ...

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