C-Sections Could Have a Role in the Obesity Epidemic

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Young adults born via Cesarean section are more likely to be obese than those delivered vaginally, suggesting C-sections could be feeding the obesity epidemic ...

But the theory is controversial, and scientists are still a long way from conclusively pinning some blame for obesity on higher rates of C-sections.

... The team looked at a number of other factors that could potentially explain the connection, like heavier birth weight, or income and education levels (more-educated mothers had a higher C-section rate).

But even after accounting for these factors, C-section remained linked to a 58% increase in the risk of adulthood obesity ...

... it's possible that C-sections could directly affect the risk of becoming obese later in life.

... infants born via C-section are not exposed to the beneficial bacteria in the birth canal, and so they might take longer to accumulate Bifidobacteria and other microbes that could influence their metabolism.

Similarly, obese adults tend to have fewer of those friendly bacteria in their digestive tract than normal-weight people do ....