Case study: 'My C-section was a horrific experience'

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HAVING a Caesarean was so traumatic for new mum Pamela Anderson, she had to have counselling after the birth of her son Archie, now nine months.

... "It was the most horrific experience of my life," ...

After 22 hours in labour, hospital staff became concerned when her baby moved into the wrong position for a natural birth.

However, Mrs Anderson is convinced it might not have been necessary.

She said: "It seems to be the case that they don't give you enough time. After 20 hours they just say 'that's enough' ...

She had to have two blood transfusions and had problems later as a result of the surgery.

She said: "Nine months on and still I feel the physical effect of it as well as the emotional side ...

The sorts of things that may lead a woman to perceive her birth experience as traumatic are things such as impersonal care, not having a say in decisions that are made, lack of continuity of care, care by strangers, and a lack of care, respect or kindness in labour.