Choosing C-section may not prevent incontinence

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... a Cesarean section may not lower a woman's chance of incontinence later in life -- unless she delivers all of her children that way ...

The findings question the suggestion that by choosing a c-section over vaginal delivery, women might be protecting themselves against urinary or fecal incontinence down the road.

... In women who had given birth only through vaginal delivery, 55 percent reported experiencing urinary incontinence. That compared to 59 percent of women who had at least one baby through vaginal delivery and one via C-section. In women who only had C-sections, the rate of urinary incontinence fell to 40 percent.

Rates of fecal incontinence 12 years down the line were about the same -- between 11 and 14 percent -- in women who had only given birth through vaginal deliveries or C-sections alone, or had given birth through both modes of delivery.

Regardless of how they delivered their children, women who were heavier, had given birth more times, and were older at their first delivery reported higher rates of incontinence.

... cesarean section does not protect from subsequent" urinary incontinence.