Mums back home visits by midwives

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NEW mums in Bundaberg can now get follow-up care after giving birth, thanks to a State Government program that aims to make life easier through midwives making post-natal visits to the home.

First-time Bundaberg mum Natasha Toovey said visits from Bundaberg Hospital midwife Ann McLennan during the past two weeks since giving birth to son Aiden on May 1 had helped her settle into the role of being a new mum.

... “... visits have supported me with breastfeeding, bathing and settling techniques for my little boy.

“Ann also checks to ensure that I'm doing well both physically and mentally.”

... “My own mum was amazed at the services of the midwives. She said that when I was born there was nothing like this available,” she said.

... Health Minister Geoff Wilson said more than 60% of new mums had received a home visit from a midwife and more than 600 local families had accessed the Bundaberg centre in the past six months.

“We're continuing to deliver on the commitment we made in 2008 – that by 2012, all new mums will receive follow-up care after giving birth,” Mr Wilson said.

“Our children are the future of Queensland and we want to ensure every child gets the best possible start in life.

“That's why the government is investing in innovative new programs so that parents can access the help and support they need closer to home.”