Sharing the pain of miscarriage

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Rachel looks into the camera, her eyes red and puffy. Tears roll down her cheeks as she wails, "I just can't get the doctor's words out of my head: 'This pregnancy is not progressing. There is no heartbeat.'"

... she was told that, at 14 weeks, her baby had died.

The nine-minute, 51-second video is a very honest and emotional account of Rachel's experience of her miscarriage, starting with the ultrasound when she heard the bad news, to her appointment with the gynecologist ... and then the waiting period until she miscarried naturally.

... "It's very difficult - I just want to share it and explain a little bit of what I'm going through.

... "It's so raw," she says. "But I know women can relate to it, so I'm happy that I can help them."

... "Around one in four pregnancies ends in a loss, and one in 10 babies is born prematurely, often needing intensive care on a life support system," ...

... It's all part of National Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month, which aims to shed light on a range of topics that can be difficult to discuss.

... Another couple ... say talking about the trauma of miscarriage helped them ...

"We went to the obstetrician appointment all excited to get the first photo and have the first glimpse and details about the baby," ... "When we got in there the obstetrician was scanning around my wife's stomach and he said 'oh ... there's nothing there, there's no heartbeat'.

"It's the last thing you expect, and we were both in shock ... "

... Tony admits that people don't like to talk about miscarriage, but he has found that being open and upfront about the topic has helped.

... "speak to people who have an understanding of what you're going through ... You feel a million of those thoughts - should I have not gone to work that day? did I lift something wrong? is there some way I could have prevented what happened? ...

I have written two articles on miscarriage in the hope that they might help women who have experienced miscarriage, and those who support and care for them: Women's experience of miscarriage Advice on coping with a miscarriage