Hospital births continuing through our service

Given the troubled times for midwives attending hospitals in a birth support role - either for planned hospital birth or in a homebirth transfer situation - I have had many calls from current clients and women who are exploring their birthing options, asking if hospital births are still going ahead through this service. I wanted to provide reassurance that yes, my hospital birth service is continuing! I am continuing to take bookings for hospital birth and I am able to attend hospital births in the full capacity of a midwife.

Owing to an ongoing collaborative agreement and hospital arrangements, hospital births are continuing. Women book with me early in their pregnancy and have all of their care with me. Women also see an obstetrician twice in their pregnancy. Birthing takes place in a hospital setting complete with waterbirthing. We support VBAC, twin and breech births. It is an all-risk model too, so women don't need to be "low risk" to benefit from continuity of midwifery and obstetric care. It also means that there is no "transfer" if a woman's pregnancy becomes high risk: she can still receive the same wonderful care and support from her chosen midwife and obstetrician.

Hospital staff are not routinely involved in the care of women who book through our service and we have gone to great lengths to create a birth centre feel to the birthing rooms. Rooms are quiet, warm and peaceful and we have a variety of tools available to support natural, active birthing such as floor mats, bath, shower and birth balls and of course many women also choose to bring personal items from home.

After the baby is born, we support early discharge with many women choosing to go home four hours after the birth. Of course women may stay longer if they wish. I visit daily for the first week, twice in the second week and then weekly until discharge at 6 weeks.

Should there be any issues along the way, we have ready access to a specialist obstetrician who is known to the woman from pregnancy.

So the short answer is YES! I am able to continue to attend hospital births and am receiving many calls about the popular model of care.

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